ReThink Cannabis Labeling

What's the best way to get your cannabis message across - and to distinguish your brand?

Labels need to do the heavy lifting for your brand in the stiff competition facing the legalized recreational and medical marijuana industry. Your labels must appeal to several distinct categories of consumers, and you must be able to make changes quickly when necessary.

Besides getting your message across, your labels must meet government mandates for cannabis packaging. Experts expect the first five years of commercial marijuana sales to be a time of ever-changing regulations, as has been the case of other emerging industries.

Change will be the only constant in labeling and packaging as the industry matures.

The labeling dilemma

Should your labels be "fixed" -- that is, pre-printed and stored for future use -- or should you try to "do it yourself," packaging your product yourself?

How can printing labels on demand help?

An on-demand printing solution is perfect for label applications that use variable data. Among the benefits:

Lower Cost. In-house printing offers significant savings over pre-printed labels on all aspects of your label production process. From the actual cost per printed label, to eliminating waste, on-demand is the cost-effective solution.

High Quality. Print full-color labels with astounding image quality, accurate colors and smooth gradation. Our printers produce precise bar codes and sharp text to ensure accuracy on all processes.

Compliance. Change details to match regulations—like barcodes and unique identifiers—as necessary, to ensure you remain compliant.

Flexibility. Print as many—or as few—labels as you need, when you need them. Easily handle various labels and sizes.

Zero Waste. Printing the labels you want, when you want them, ensures that you have virtually no waste. And, you won't have to discard, or store, pre-printed labels that become useless as you make changes.



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