GHS Compliance

Major changes in how colors and information are created for chemical labels occurred in 2015, when chemical manufacturers were required to reclassify their chemicals using the GHS standard.

We are here to help you rethink your label production, with several GHS solutions that will enable you to create full color labels on demand.

Epson ColorWorks printers use pigment-based inks that are durable enough for chemical labeling. They allow you to comply with the latest requirements of GHS to print signal words, precautionary statements, and pictograms all at once.

These ReThink products:

  • Completely eliminate the need for pre-printed labels.
  • Drastically reduce overall label costs for printing, labor, inventory and waste.
  • Reduce label lead times to "0" days.

Your ReThink options:

  • The Epson C7500 or C3500 color inkjet printers which are BS5609 compliant.
  • Epson C831 Color inkjet printer – can print up to 8 inches wide for GHS large format drum and chemical labels.
  • When paired with our LTX855 Matte Poly –Extreme label material, the Epson C7500's labels conform to BS5609 Sections 2 and 3, with excellent print quality and permanent adhesive.

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It's time to ReThink Chemical/GHS labeling.

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